Category: Learning

  • It’s about writing

    It’s a solitary thing. It’s making sure you have the time and space to let your thoughts flow. It’s about doing it regardless of the time and space. It’s about getting it out over getting it down for anyone else. It’s about not making excuses. It’s about finding the right words to express the things […]

  • It’s never just

    Just do it. Just build it. It’s just a bit of copy. It’s just a tweak of the design. It’s just a line of code. Just, just, just, just; just! The reality is it’s never ‘just’. There’s often more to it than other people are aware of and sometimes even to yourself. It’s only when […]

  • Sprint review

    It’s sprint review or demo day! You’ve hit the end of the sprint and your team wants to show off to the stakeholders that they’ve managed to actually build something or at very least, they learnt somethings that will help move the product on. Trouble is, hardly any stakeholders attend. We all know stakeholders tend […]

  • The grass is greener

    At the start of April I decided to go vegetarian for two months; proper vegetarian – that’s not eating anything with a face! I decided to do this in an effort to give my body a rest from processing meat. While my health has been generally good I’ve been wanting to talk more control of […]

  • ReflectReflect #2

    OK, it’s been about 4 weeks since my first ReflectReflect post. My plan was to do this every week but that failed pretty quickly. I was going to do a video again but it didn’t see right either. Time passes. No lessons learnt. So… what did I learn over the past 4 weeks? Friday reflection doesn’t work for me […]

  • ReflectReflect #1

      My first personal retrospective of the year with shout out’s to Leisa Reichelt and her FinalFinal project, Rosenfeld’s Product Manangement + User Experience online conference and Mark Channon’s Memory School. It’s rough and ready but a start on a dusty path to further learning. And yes it was 4 minutes long.  

  • Great homes to discovery

    Today I visited the Clapham Library, one of half a dozen or so libraries in my borough, Lambeth. The building was built around 8 years ago with health services on the ground level and social housing above. It’s design reminded me of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Guggenheim Museum with it’s sweeping curved runways that hug the […]