My biggest love in life is music

Growing up as a single child during an early disruptive upbringing, music was a way of escaping to better places, dreams and an outlet to release energy.

I appreciate all music and am always looking for new music to challenge myself and open up to new experiences; the pinnacle being live music experiences at gigs and festivals.

Over the years I’ve been to loads of gigs and taken many pictures and videos (mostly poor) of the bands I’ve gone to see and recently I’ve been collating the images and memoirs on gigs I’ve attended over the years.

My love of music also lead me to set up and run three record labels, Pop Gun Records, Sexy Diablo Records in Australia and Who’s The Daddy Now? in United Kingdom to promoted the artists I loved, and eventually, some of the bands I ended up playing in.

Due to family or work commitments, the tyranny of distance or mostly because I’ve not met the right like minded people; I’ve not played in any bands. Frustrated by this I have looked to share my love of music and start my own radio shows and am now DJing on local internet radio station, Yellow Submarine.