ReflectReflect #2

OK, it’s been about 4 weeks since my first ReflectReflect post. My plan was to do this every week but that failed pretty quickly. I was going to do a video again but it didn’t see right either.

Time passes. No lessons learnt.
So… what did I learn over the past 4 weeks?

  1. Friday reflection doesn’t work for me
    End of the day on Friday isn’t the best time to post my thoughts.
  2. The more you do something the better you get
    Duh. Pretty fucking obvious really.
    I’ve been pounding the pavement talking to people about what I do looking for my next gig. The more I talk about what I did, the easier it got. The more you write, the easier the words and thoughts emerge.
  3. Some things take time. Don’t panic!
    Working for yourself, running your own business; it’s easy to feel the anxiety creep in to where the next piece of work will come. You must continually be planting seeds. As highlighted in the book Traction, you should be spending 50% of your time promoting your product or service (The 50% Rule).
  4. You can’t do everything
    Yeah, I know, I’m stating the obvious again but it’s nice to remind yourself that you have to be ruthless with your time and prioritise. What do you really want to putting your time into? It’s only fair to yourself and the people you interact with.
  5. Some things are best left at work
    Even though a home Kanban board seemed like a good idea at time (and it so still is… no, really, it is) you gotta separate your working life from your home life. Seriously dude.