The grass is greener

At the start of April I decided to go vegetarian for two months; proper vegetarian – that’s not eating anything with a face!

I decided to do this in an effort to give my body a rest from processing meat. While my health has been generally good I’ve been wanting to talk more control of it and loose a few pounds.

As I come to the end of the two months, this is what I have learnt.

  1. Lack of options
    Cafes, pubs or restaurants pretty much don’t give a shit about vego’s. It seems their veggie options are based around what veggies they have that goes with the meat dishes. The lack of creativity or effort to make interesting vegetarian food amazed me. I know my veggie and vegan friends have to deal with this daily.
  2. Different strokes for different folks
    Having a different diet within family life takes a blooming lot of effort – and willpower.
  3. Cheese cheese cheese fucking cheese
    I like a bit of cheese now and then but it is substituted in every blooming meal. I love halloumi but seriously chef’s of England? What about tofu? Why don’t I see any tofu on any menus? Or just inventive veg?
  4. Carbs carbs carbs fucking carbs
    As above. Potatoes, rice, cheese, bread (nee pastry). At least Leon try the whole spiralizing of veggies to reduce carb intake.
  5. Time
    I’m perfectly happy with a bowl of stir fried veggies but after a while things like pulses take bit more preparation. It’s worth it don’t get me wrong but I’m yet to find many quick and dirty recipes.
  6. Getting back on the pans
    It’s been great taking time out to thumb through cook books and cook for my family, friends and myself. It has rekindled my love of cooking.

So, will I continue?

Yeah, I will. I’ve felt recently our diets are very much divorced from our physiology and lifestyles. If I was a farm hand or labouring each day then perhaps a heavy meat diet would be justified but considering I mostly sit down in front of a computer, eating less ‘heavy-to-process’ food is a good thing.

I have missed the convenience meat and I have missed seafood. I’m going to start introducing it back into my diet as of the end the month.

Did I loose any weight?
No. Other factors contributed – few nights out, sweet tooth attacks – but overall I do feel that my system is working easier and I have more energy. It’s been a good experiment.

Flickr image by: spinster cardigan