Shout out to mum

Saturday and Sunday mornings BBC 6Music is the station of choice. Last Saturday Liz Kershaw was running a week early shout out to mum’s and their favourite tunes. I emailed and got a mention. Suffice to say I was pleased as punch.

The story revolves around my mum (like me) being a big AC/DC fan but she’d never seen them play. She happened to be in the country at the time of their 2015 Wembley gig and I bought tickets for her, my wife and daughter. All through the gig my mum kept saying, “AC/DC are a Glaswegian band, they’re not Australian!” It wound me up no end but made me laugh too. You can take the girl out of Glasgow…

The requested song didn’t get played so here it is; T.N.T., with Bon Scott on vocals of course.