Category: Music

  • Jaimie Branch

    w/ Pie Eyed CollectiveJazz Cafe – November 2021 I can’t stress how excited I was about this gig. It was to be my first after the covid pandemic and it was going to be Jaimie Branch – one of the most exciting modern jazz trumpeters fusing punk ethos with her craft. I’d been swept away…

  • Party Dozen

    I was looking forward to this gig by Sydney duo Party Dozen. One part saxophone and effects; one part drums and sequencings only to be left feeling it promised more than it delivered.

  • DJ Battle #1 – Dread By Witch v Prof B v Themselves

    Nothing you would expect and nothing they expected, Dread By Witch and Prof B battle each other and themselves across a two hour mix

  • The Lounge – Ep 8

    Live mix holiday mix from indie rock to R&B to Hip Hop and then finishing with electronic Kurudo mix

  • The Lounge – Ep 7

    Relax, everything will be fine… Prof B is back in The Lounge. Kicking off with a clutch of indie pop gems then a deep dive into the wonderfully joyous concoctions of The Halo Benders in The Perti Disjh. Second hour is filled with dub sounds new and old from the likes of King Tubby, Tappa…

  • The Lounge – Ep 6

    The Professor has redecorated THE LOUNGE featuring, electronic, hip-hop, rock, pop, punk, a bit of prog, and of course, The Fall. Rising South London songwriter, DJ, producer, multi-instrumentalist, Wu-Lu will be In The Petri Disjh… Streamed live on 19 June 2021 from Playlist (Track/Artist) Magnetic Service ft. Cinna Peyghamy – Azu Tiwaline Damage – Andy…

  • In The Lab… Ep 3

    “This set is a mood masterclass” Third episode of In The Lab… “Land, Sea + Sky” exploring ambient, dub, electronic and indie.

  • Rock Lounge – Ep 5

    The Professor’s tested his hypothesis and it’s been confirmed the Rock Lounge has many segments. This week he will explore twee, country and indie pop with a feature on Australian band The Goon Sax. Second segment we will blow your fkkn t*ts off… some childish and rude words likely.. Streamed live on 16 May 2021…

  • Rock Lounge – Ep 4

    Professor Bootle is back slouching on the Rock Lounge playing a mix of rock, not rock tunage. Expect old things, new things, old new things, new old things from Australia, UK and USA. And of course The Fall… (occasional naughty words). Streamed live on 17 April 2021 from Playlist (Artist/Track)

  • In The Lab… Ep 2

    In celebration of 1st birthday, Prof B enters his laboratory, experimenting to conjure up and heady and heart bursting mix of dance, electronic, kuduro, batida, soca, drum and bass and more to get you jerking back and forth in uncontrollable delight. Playlist (Artist/Track)