Party Dozen

+ Why Patterns

Shackwell Arms – 17 May 2022

I was looking forward to this gig by Sydney duo Party Dozen. One part saxophone and effects; one part drums and sequencings only to be left feeling it promised more than it delivered.

Listening to their recorded output I was impressed by the sonic landscape of math rock riffs and free jazz noise but somehow it just seemed flat. I’ve been to The Shackwell Arms before and always liked it’s intimate size and decent PA but this was lacking the power. Perhaps it was the mixer who couldn’t get the sax to have the same power it had on album? Or maybe it was the fact that all the awesome sounds we really the ones that were being triggered by the drummer. Anyway, what it was, I left somewhat disappointed for what I was hoping would be a night of loud heavy music.

Party Dozen at The Shackwell Arms

Why Patterns offered something different and I’d be interested to see how they develop their sound. 6-string bass and drums with skinny dude shouting… well, maybe not something completely new the bassist could actually play the six strings and had some nice heavy riffs to show off his rack of pedals with.

Why Patterns opening for Party Dozen at Shackwell Arms