Rock Lounge – Ep 2

My second monthly Saturday night Rock Lounge slot on Yellow Submarine, this time focussing on great monologues in rock.

I’ve noticed recently many of the new releases by new indie bands such as Sleaford Mods, Dry Cleaning, Black Country, New Road, Speed Week there’s a focus on poetry or unconscious rants spoken, shouted rather than delivered with any attempt at singing. This is builds on the great traditions established by seminal Manchurian band The Fall and their mercurial leader Mark E Smith.

Found it hard deciding on a final list and have lots more to include in another instalment sometime soon.

So what do you think is missing? Add in a comment…


Playlist with links to the related album/track on Bandcamp (if available) below… Occasional explicit language and themes.

Track – Artist

  • Anthrax – Gang Of Four
    • RIP Andy Gill… such great guitarist
  • Strong Feelings – Dry Cleaning
    • From the new album, New Long Leg“I’ve got scabs on my head”
  • Processed By The Boys – Protomartyr
    • This album is the best!! Ultimate success today… one of my favs from 2020 including a nutty video for this track
  • Technical Man – Wireheads
    • From my hometown, Adelaide, The Wireheads. Sadly never got to see them play before they split but released 5 amazing albums. Recorded 2 albums with Calvin Johnson of Dub Narcotic Sound Systems, K Records and Beat Happening fame.
  • Arms Control Poseur – The Fall
    • The mighty Fall – from Extricate, produced by Coldcut
  • Cost of Living – Speed Week
    • Speed Week from Melbourne, new find for me and I’ve played this track soooo much this week…very much a monologue
  • Backgammon And The Orthodox Church – The Bleeding Hearts
    • This is a very great friend of mine I played in The Moonies with in Adelaide. The Bleeding Hearts are a wonderful band. You can get this album on Bandcamp for pay what you like… “it takes minutes to learn and years to master
  • Wingwalker – Shellac
    • If you’ve ever seen Shellac live this is a highlight… “I’m a plane!! I’m a plane!!” ✈️
  • Losing My Edge – LCD Soundsystem
    • This owes a lot to Mark E Smith and The Fall… Feel free to dance… I was 🙂… “I was there!!!”
  • Content Nausea – Parquet Courts
    • Parquet Courts… good monologue band
  • Feral Cats In The Tasmanian North-East – 208L Containers
    • Tasmanian group, 208L Containers… crazy unbridled punk rock. A Cheezel = tubular cheese ‘crisp’, think UK Wotsit is taste. Great video for this also
  • I Should Have Known Better – Wire
  • The Fly Killer – The Dumb Earth
  • Fishing In Hardcore – Breather Hole
    • Melbourne band Breather Hole… from a promo CD Lament in Cement wrapped in sandpaper… 🤔 … “here fishy fishy!”
  • Two Librans – The Fall
    • More Fall did you say? From The Unutterable … 2000. One of the best Fall albums!
  • Run With The Roses – The Native Cats
    • Second song from a Tasmanian band… might have played this last time. Sooooooo good… video is amazing also… when the guitar comes in… OMG!
  • Sola – Machine Translations
    • Bit lazy this but… Australia’s answer to Sparklehorse but better?
  • Nosferatu Man – Slint
    • Classic post rock action
  • Alexa! – The Cool Greenhouse
    • Who has an Alexa in their home? This one’s for you… Great monologue
  • Science Fair – Black Country, New Road
    • From the album… For The First Time. Part of the Brixton Windmill scene with black midi and Squid. So miss going to that venue… bring on normal life again please!
  • Subbacultcha – Pixies
    • “I was wearing eyeliner”
  • Point Man – The Mark of Cain
    • Great band from my home town Adelaide. John Steiner (Helmet, Battles) played drums for them in recent years. This track was produced by Rollins
  • Jolly Fucker – Sleaford Mods
    • Sleaford Mod’s like my tweet that I was playing them tonight… It’s Jason in the picture from their London Forum gig from 2016
  • I’m Straight – The Modern Lovers
  • Dr. Bucks’ Letter – The Fall
    • Mark’s checklist feels so dated now…
  • Bomb Shelter 2 – The Halo Benders
    • Halo Benders. One of the best collab groups… Doug from Built To Spill and Calvin from Beat Happening… this one goes out to Sean Allen as a protest song!