Radio Birdman, The Dome, London – 23 June 2015

This is an edited version of a review I originally wrote on Facebook after the gig.

Tonight was the second in a series of Ageing Australian Rockers gigs I was attending, the first being AC/DC, the third, The Angels.

I’ll be honest with you, I’ve never really bothered to listen to any of the Radio Birdman albums. Sure, I’ve listened and danced to “Danno” at clubs and bars and late at night watching Rage and a handful of singles on the respectfully named “Do The Pop” compilation, but the meat in the sandwich, I’d ignored.

So after hearing Mr Punter and Pete The Stud bleating on about how great they were live I thought I better take the opportunity to see them before they keel over.

Oh my word. Fuck-Me. What a gig.

Everything I love about live music. Power, clarity, unity. And Power. And Riffs. What an incredibly tight unit they are. What a complete sound they had. I wasn’t expecting Rob Younger’s voice to sound so good. To be honest, my levels of expectation were low. You know, they’re… old. Fuck me. They blew the crap out of 80% of those shite bands that play London pubs week in and week out. They encored with More Fun – which brought back some memories of a band I managed, The Handsome Devils, who covered it. They ended with New Race. God I love that song and live it was superb. I am still singing along to it. I was never that keen with keyboards in rock. I’ve changed my mind on that now too. Superb. All round fecking superb gig.


Radio Birdman live at The Dome, 2015

Radio Birdman live at The Dome, 2015Radio Birdman T-shirt - There's gonna be a new race