A life without music

A life without music would be devastating for me.

Music has always been and integral part of who I am; giving me an identity through the albums I purchased, t-shirts I wore and the gigs I went to. As a child, music was the brother, sister and father I never had.

Music makes me feel alive.

It makes me happy, it makes me sad, it makes me angry, motivated and invigorates me. Music reminds me of past events, places or people long gone and it often; blows – my – mind.

Seeing and hearing live music is the pinnacle.

Given the option of a night out, live music is always top of the list. That experiencing of seeing an artist perform; creating a mood, an atmosphere, the rapport with the audience, the language of engagement (if there’s any at all); the build up of expectation, the booze, the smoke, the lights, the chatter. The feeling of being transported somewhere and your body just doing it’s thing and being propelled; and all the while you share this with other people, that feeling of community.

Over the years I have been to loads of gigs, bought t-shirts, collected tickets and other bits of ephemera and mostly taken lots of photos and videos of the many artists I have seen. As I reflect and finally go (clear) through my collection I will update my uber list of gigs I have attended and document each of them in this journal.

If you attended any of the gigs, I’d be keen to hear your opinion and thoughts so please share. I’m also on Songkick and Last.fm if you wish to join me.






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