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As a developing 20-something I had some friends who were dismissive of people who loved their cars, or loved sport. You see my friends were those arty, un-sporty types who didn’t like the national obsession in Australia with sport and/or cars. They felt those people, which were predominantly blokes, didn’t get art or liberalism and were pretty much bereft of any empathy or understanding of other humans or even themselves. I  pretty much felt the same way but could identify with their love and passion for sport.

We grow older.

A post match telephone call in. A fan calls in awash with emotion for his team are topping the League at Christmas and after all these years of support, of disappointment and belief, of heartache and of passion… the vision of a dream to come true.

And he is crying, he is crying beautiful tears.
Tears of hope, of unity and of family.
Family of kin and family of colour, of a shirt.

If you have passions – you believe in something that moves you.
If you believe in something – you have hope.
We all have hope.

By Mr Bootle

User experience and interaction designer with interests in strategy, agile, lean, research and learning. A music obsessive, rock climber and capoeirista who loves test match cricket and watching his beloved Crystal Palace.

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