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  • A child is born with no state of mind

    Having grown up in the pioneering days of early 80’s hip-hop I would hunt down anything about the hip-hop movement. It was an exciting, revolutionary, wild and most of all; a personal artistic expression that struck a chord with my loner persona in suburban Adelaide. The love of hip-hop was limited to a few rebels within various […]

  • Sprint review

    It’s sprint review or demo day! You’ve hit the end of the sprint and your team wants to show off to the stakeholders that they’ve managed to actually build something or at very least, they learnt somethings that will help move the product on. Trouble is, hardly any stakeholders attend. We all know stakeholders tend […]

  • Declutter

    Clearing out my home and office space and found these historical nuggets from books on web design and flash (remember that?) to the very first version of ReBirth. If you fancy taking these off me and donating some money to Breast Cancer Care that would be wonderful for everybody including my home’s feng shui. Message me […]

  • Great homes to discovery

    Today I visited the Clapham Library, one of half a dozen or so libraries in my borough, Lambeth. The building was built around 8 years ago with health services on the ground level and social housing above. It’s design reminded me of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Guggenheim Museum with it’s sweeping curved runways that hug the […]